Leave these things today to avoid the corona virus

Leave these things today to avoid the corona virus

Leave these things today to avoid the corona virus
Leave these things today to avoid the corona virus
Leave these things today to avoid the corona virus

The Corona virus, which has spread from China's Wuhan city, has now swept across the country. A person returning from Delhi to Italy has been found to be infected with a deadly virus. Along with this, a new case has also come up from Telangana. The man recently returned from Dubai. The risk of corona virus is increasing among the people now. The symptoms of the corona virus reported by the WHO are similar to those of the common cold. And that's why in this article today we talked about something to avoid in particular to avoid eating and drinking in the Corona. So know that you too ..

  • The first thing to do is, when going out of the house, cover your mouth well with the N95 mask.
  • Do not consume too much raw vegetables.
  • Don't take stale food by mistake.
  • Drink as much hot water as possible.

Use soap or sanitizer to wash hands thoroughly. And wash hands thoroughly before and after meals.

Do not eat raw food items bought from the market. Before eating meat or green vegetables, thoroughly clean it.

Do not attempt to come in contact with an infected or stranger. After shaking hands with any person, rinse hands thoroughly with soap.

A decoction of ginger and basil should be drunk.

Items according to Ayurveda should be used more and more.

Do not keep stale or cold food in the house.

Stay away from crowds.

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