Why do the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force have different salutes?

Why do the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force have different salutes?

We have often seen Indian Army, Navy and Air Force personnel salute. There is a way to honor the Salute they do, but you have never noticed that the Army, Navy and Air Force personnel are different from the other. So let's finally understand why there are different ways to salute them.

Indian Army
In the Indian Army, the palms are held in the opposite direction when saluting. All fingers are interconnected and the middle finger is near the eyebrow. His salute shows that he has no weapons of any kind and is not honoring Samala with any wrong intentions.

Indian Air Force
In the year 2006, the way the Indian Air Force was saluted was changed. Earlier, it was the Army's way of saluting the Air Force. The palm should be placed at a 45 degree angle when saluting. With that left hand should be slightly raised towards the front. Its style of saluting is the salute style between the Army and the Navy. The Air Force adopted this style because it wanted to keep its style separate from the rest of the army.

Indian Navy
The palm should lean toward the ground when saluting in the navy. This is because when the jawans first worked on the ship, their hands often got dirty due to grease or oil. He used to salute by tilting his palms downward to hide his dirty hands and to respond to the seniors. Ever since, all of the Indian Navy A's have been saluting this way.

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