Save Mobile Data During Lockdown Best Tricks

Save Mobile Data During Lockdown Best Tricks

Save Mobile Data During Lockdown Best Tricks

A lockdown has been announced in India in the event of an epidemic caused by the Corona virus infection. All the people have been told to stay home. Slow internet or limited mobile data is one of the biggest problems in Teva. Then you're home from work, studying, or watching an online movie or video. It can be annoying for anyone to be out of data or that the net is slow. However some tricks can be tried to stop it.

In addition to slow speed, FUP limit is imposed on plans from several companies. It contains your data and internet speed is slowed down upon reaching a fixed limit. Many of those plans are so slow that after FUP limit, photos or media files cannot be sent to WhatsApp. More than 63 million people in India use mobile data, whose daily limit is 1.5 or 2GB daily for most plans. This limit expires in counting hours of streaming video.

If you want your broadband or mobile data not to be locked out in lockdown mode and entertainment on smartphone continues without any hiccups then you should try some tricks.

On the Data Saver feature

Enabling the data saver feature on your smartphone is the easiest trick to control the data usage. To do this, go to your phone's settings and search for Data Saver and enable the toggle that appears in front of it.

Limit background data usage

The data you use in the background from different apps can also be controlled. After setting the settings for it, go to Apps and select an app. Tap on Mobile data and Wi-Fi here. Then disable the background data.

Download Media AutoDisable in WhatsApp

Messaging platform WhatsApp automatically downloads photos, videos and bad media files but also costs data. To disable it go to the app's settings and tap on Data & Storage Usage. Then disable all the options by tapping the When using mobile data option in the AutoDownload section.

Change settings in streaming apps

It is also important to change some settings of the video or movie you watch using the streaming app, otherwise your daily data will be exhausted within a few hours or even minutes. After you play, go to Video Settings and set it to Video Quality Law. In addition, by going to Mobile data usage in App Settings, select the Save data option and turn on the Data Saver.

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