Nasa says world not going to end on 29 april

Nasa says world not going to end on 29 april

Nowdays people are scared of corona Virus and one more scared news viral on social media. That is April 29, an asteroid will hit the Earth and the world will end.

Some people was shared video clip on social media. Tell to everyone asteroid is going to hit the Earth. Also this kind many news till viral on Internet so let's see what is the reality and what saying by NASA.


On April 29, 2020 Asteroid will pass from nearest the Earth it's True.  But it will pass from 4 million miles from Earth.  According to NASA, on April 29, 2020, "52768 (1998 OR2)" named asteroid will pass about 4 million miles from Earth. 

This asteroid can't any kind of effect on earth. this Asteroid has an approximate diameter of 1.8 km to 4.1 km. Its speed will be around 20,000 mph.

Finally All messages says world going to end on 29 April it's fake. So don't scared and share this real news with everyone and aware people. We hope you feel Happy to read our article. so keep visit our website and don't forget to share this such a great information.

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