Will All Telecom Companies Really Shut Down?

Will All Telecom Companies Really Shut Down?

Will All Telecom Companies Really Shut Down? Why Did The Entire Telecom Industry Get A Fine Of 90 Thousand Crore?
Will All Telecom Companies Really Shut Down? Why Did The Entire Telecom Industry Get A Fine Of 90 Thousand Crore?

Vodafone Idea will seek a waiver of interest and penalties payable on its licence fee dues even as analysts said the telco could be bound for bankruptcy if it’s asked to shell out $4 billion (Rs 28,309 crore) after the Supreme Court ruled on the definition of adjusted gross revenue for telecom companies.

The Supreme Court judgement backing the government’s broader definition of adjusted gross revenue to include non-core items “has financial implications and represents a significant even ..
A case was going on in the Supreme Court from 2007, whose result came in 2019, which blew the senses of all the telecom operators.  This lawsuit was on AGR (Adjusted Gross Revenue).

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Now to know whether AGR is there, we will have to go back a little in time.  When all the telecom operators started.  If someone had to become a telecom operator, then he would go to the Government of India and the Government of India would give him a license of a telecom operator in a few crores and give spectrum. Here there is spectrum which is different of every telecom operator.  Earlier, the Government of India used to take some 25-50 crore rupees annually for the license and spectrum, but around 2002, the Government of India made some changes in this model, in which the Government of India issued that in which all telecom operators should give some percentage of their revenue to the Government of India.  Will be  Such as 8% on the spectrum and 4% of the license had to be given.

 Since 2007, a lawsuit was going on in the Supreme Court between the Government of India and the telecom operator about what comes in the revenue where according to the telecom operator, the revenue means profit on their service, then according to the Government of India, the revenue means that your  Everything will be considered as revenue, that is your property and if any profit is coming from it, then it will also be considered as revenue, the profit coming on FD in the bank  Minister will be revenue, and just decided that by 2019, India was in favor of the government.

 Till now, the telecom companies were giving the money to the Government of India, it was just a profit coming from their users.  Since the telecom companies had not given anything to the Government of India from their profits coming from other profitable sources till date, then from then onwards, different telecom operators have come up with different telephones which they have not yet filled.  The total ammount that has come out here is the entire 90 thousand crores which all the telecom operators have to give to the Government of India.

 Talk about airtel here, the entire amount of 21 thousand crores has come out on it, when talking about vodafone / idea, the total amount is 27 thousand crores.

 Reliance CDM and GSM which are now tied, they will also have to pay about 19 thousand crore rupees, the lowest amount to be paid to Reliance jio which is only 13 crores because jio has come in the market for the last 2 years only.

 Now anyway, due to the arrival of Jio, other telecom companies were going to lose, all the companies should not go bankrupt with the result of the Supreme Court.  vodafone has even said that he is leaving India.

 There is an uproar in the telecom industry because of this much money has to be paid from above due to income jio and 5g is coming forward, it will have to buy spectrum and license, they will have to pay the maintenance cost of it. So expert's say on this that in India there will be only one or two telecom operators, the rest will go away.

 So it remains to be seen which networks in India now maintain their existence.  Further, jio is the only option left, then jio plans can be expensive, there is no visit to it.

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